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Sunday, November 20, 2011

QC-> Code to get the user id and Password from QC resources tab

Preconditions: -
You need to upload a excel sheet in the QC resources tab, as below:

Key    Value
UID   naresh

'Name:   Fun_GetCredentials
'Purpose:  This function will get the credential details from the QC resource
'Argument(s): ip_intResourceId: Resource ID of the item
'Returns:  0: Indicates failure
'     Credential details as: UserID|Password
'Example: returnValue = Fun_GetCredentials("1055")
'Revised by:
' **********************************************************************************************************************
Function Fun_GetCredentials(ip_intResourceId)
 Dim objQCResource, objDataSheet, intDSRowCnt, intDSRowIndex, strUserID, strPwd
 On Error Resume Next
  'Get the resource object from QC with resource id as ip_intResourceId
  Set objQCResource = QCUtil.QCConnection.QCResourceFactory.Item(ip_intResourceId)

  'Download the resource file into the result directory
  objQCResource.DownloadResource Environment("ResultDir"), True

  'Get the sheet 1 of resource file from result directory into the design time datatable at sheet 1
  DataTable.ImportSheet Environment("ResultDir") & "\" & objQCResource.Filename, 1, 1

  'Get the object Datasheet from the design time datatable
  Set objDataSheet = DataTable.GetSheet(1)  
  intDSRowCnt = objDataSheet.GetRowCount

  'Loop for each row and validate the Key column, based on key value get value column value
  For intDSRowIndex = 1 To intDSRowCnt
   Select Case UCase(Trim(DataTable.Value(intConstKeyColIndex, 1)))
    Case "UID"
     strUserID = Trim(DataTable.Value(intConstValueColIndex, 1))
    Case "PWD"
     strPwd = Trim(DataTable.Value(intConstValueColIndex, 1))
   End Select
  'Set the return value
  If Trim(strUserID) <> "" And Trim(strPwd) <> "" Then
   Fun_GetCredentials = strUserID & "|" & strPwd
   Fun_GetCredentials = 0
   subJCP_EventReport "Fail", "Required credential details are not found. " & VBNewLine & "User ID = " & strUserID & VBNewLine & "Password = " & strPwd, Nothing
   Exit Function
  End If 
  'If unexpected error is reported here
  If Trim(CStr(Err.Description)) <> "" Then
    Fun_GetCredentials = 0
    subJCP_EventReport "Fail", "Unable to get login credentials. Error: " & Err.Description & VBNewLine &  Err.source, Nothing
  End If
 On Error GoTo 0

 'Delocate the reference
 Set objQCResource = Nothing
 Set objDataSheet = Nothing
End Function

Then use the below function like :

Example: -
 '<<< ---- If Credential pop up is loaded, get the JCP credentials from the Datatable () :Begins ---->>>
 If Browser("FlexApp").Dialog("Credential Popup").Exist(intConstWaitShort) Then
  returnValue = Fun_GetCredentials("1035")
  If Trim(CStr(returnValue)) = "0" Then
   arrCredentials = Split(returnValue, "|")
   Browser("FlexApp").Dialog("Credential Popup").WinEdit("User name:").Set arrCredentials(0)
   Browser("FlexApp").Dialog("Credential Popup").WinEdit("Password:").Set arrCredentials(1)
   Browser("FlexApp").Dialog("Credential Popup").WinButton("OK").Click
  End If
 End If
 '<<< --- If Credential pop up is loaded, get the JCP credentials from the Datatable () :Ends ------->>>

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