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Friday, September 9, 2011

QTP & QC ->Code for to delete the existing file at specified path

'Function Name:   fun_DeleteExistingFile(ip_strFileName)
'Description :        Used to delete the existing file at path ip_strFileName
'Parameters:        ip_strFileName: Path of the file need to be deleted
'Return  value       0 : Indicates the successful deletion of the file
'        Non Zero Vale: Indicates the failure and contains the error description for the failure  
'Example:            fun_DeleteExistingFile("C:\MyFile.xls")
Public Function fun_DeleteExistingFile(ip_strFileName)
 On Error Resume Next
 Dim objFileSystem, objFile
 Set objFileSystem = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
 '<<< Attempt to Delete the file only if the file exists >>>
 If (objFileSystem.FileExists(ip_strFileName)) Then
  Set objFile = objFileSystem.GetFile(ip_strFileName)
 End If
 '<<< Any error during the Delete operation, will be captured in Err object and will be sent back to the calling the function >>>
 If Err.Description <> "" Then
   '<<< Return the error code along with the description if function is unable to delete a file >>>
   fun_DeleteExistingFile = Err.Description & VBNewLine &  Err.source
   Exit Function
  '<<< Return Zero if function is able to delete a file successfully >>>
  fun_DeleteExistingFile = 0
 End If
End Function

Example Code:-
   Parameter("p_POFilesLocation")  = "C:\EFAS_Tools\Automation\PO_Files"
   strPOFilePath = Parameter("p_POFilesLocation") & "\POMsg.txt"      
   Set objFileSys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
   '<<<Delete the file if it exists in the specified path>>>
   strFileStatus= fun_DeleteExistingFile(strPOFilePath)
   If  CStr(strFileStatus) <> "0" Then
    Fun_ReportFailure "Verify the file deleted", "Text file not deleted in the specified path : ERROR : " & strFileStatus , Nothing
   End If

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